People May Feel As Though They're Part Of Their Rainbow Six world

The sport can also be on Uplay, Ubisoft's Steam competition, R6 credits and all of the players on this service are not counted here. Given that it's among the most popular games on Uplay, this means the complete concurrent participant number is likely much greater.

The high player count is pretty much entirely as a result of the game's third year content, Operation Chimera. The Year 3 Season Pass kicks off with two new operators and new loot box content. And all players, even those without the time pass, can perform the new Outbreak game mode. Unlike the remainder of the sport, which is basically completely PvP, Outbreak is a co-op mode that pits players against a host of zombies. But these are not simply mindless zombies. There are actually several different varieties with various powers, size and speed, very similar to Left 4 Dead.

Players are flocking to the sport to test out the new manner. Year 3 will include new Operators, maps and other articles, so while this week may be especially great for your sport, I foresee more good weeks ahead as more and more players jump on the bandwagon.

So kudos to Ubisoft for keeping this game alive and flourishing. The French game publisher is off to a very good start this year, attracting dedicated servers to its Knights vs Samurai vs Vikings match For Honor, and adding one of the coolest map editors ever to Far Cry 5, and of course the trendy post-launch content landing in Assassin's Creed Origins.

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